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Shepherding Your Wealth

Our comprehensive approach means we don’t view ourselves as simply advising you regarding your finances, but rather Shepherding Your Wealth. A shepherd has a dual role — to both preserve and nurture — and Ashland Pacific has the heart of a shepherd for its clients and their wealth.

Integrity is the foundation of Ashland Pacific. Our prospects sense it when they first meet with us and our clients regularly experience it firsthand.

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Solutions, not Products.

Ashland Pacific is distinguished with our out-of-the-box solutions. We focus on providing solutions and solving problems, not selling products. For instance:

  • We prefer to work closely with your team of advisors (CPAs, Attorneys, Bankers, etc.) in an effort to assure that the benefits of a solution implemented will not trigger any unintended consequences.
  • We regularly refer business to third party providers, such as tax and legal professionals, insurance providers and others, depending on your individual needs.
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Meet Taylor Ashland.

Taylor Ashland is an independent and comprehensive financial and estate planner with a Life/Health Insurance License. Taylor was born and raised in California and has been living in Oregon since 1999. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston (Magna Cum Laude) with a B.A. in English and a Minor in Business Administration.

He served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for six years. Taylor is now based in Southern Oregon with his three children. He is a natural teacher and listener who navigates the gap between what clients are saying and how they are feeling. He takes the necessary time to explain both how a solution works and why it is being recommended.

Natural Connector.

Another unique resource Taylor naturally provides his friends and clients alike is his natural role as a Connector. He regularly looks to create win-win introductions for others, without any regard to his own personal gain. As Taylor is first being introduced to a person’s skillset or project, he simultaneously rotates through his mental “wheel” of known contacts and projects looking for possible matches.

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